GeoSan is an Open Source Geographic Information System whose objective is to allow the realization of a technical register of water pipe networks integrated with the commercial information for the export to hydraulic simulation systems, such as case of EPANET – Environmental Protection Agency for Water NetWork – USA. The main objective is to make feasible the actions of reduction of water losses in the municipality, allowing the accomplishment of de facto engineering actions.

Technological aspects and competitiveness

Open source technology, completely adapted for water supply companies. We do not sell software. We sell service for training and implementation. We transfer technology to water companies or information technology/engineering companies.

Relevant information

We converted 3.000 km of pipes and 300.000 consumers from CAD, paper drawings and people knowledge, to GIS mapping, of the city of Recife/Brazil with 50 students, 4 hours a day in 7 months.