We are focused on the development of geographic applications with various languages and technologies available in the market.

What we offer?

  • Software factory focused on geoinformatics.
  • Manpower to carry out the technical and commercial entries in the map.
  • Ensuring the continuous upgrading of technical and commercial entries.
  • All mapping software needed.
  • Integration of the technical to the commercial register.
  • With monthly maintenance and support systems.
  • Available on-line mapping of networks and consumer location for all departments of sanitation service provider, such as customer service, maintenance, commercial engineering.
  • Allocation of client workstations and servers.

What can I offer to my customers?

You can provide all the services we provide, or even allocate the services offered by us. We have no restrictions regarding the provision of information to perform these services.

You choose whether to enter into certain customer in partnership with us, or hire our services to enable its crew to achieve the same with their customers, without the need for binding contracts with the technology or pay royalties.

What type of business partnership with NEXUS?

There is no fixed model or a pre-arranged contract. You define how you want to make this partnership presents a business opportunity and participate together or just supporting your organization with the future business.

How can I make a commercial partnership with NEXUS?

Please contact us by email or phone.