Spotlight ImageNEXUS geoengineering, established in 1993, is a company focused on organization and systematization of information available to the environmental sanitation using tools of geographic information.
Its target audience, business and environmental sanitation, encompassing geographic information solutions.
As a product develops mapping software for the registration of water networks, sewage and drainage, as well as geographic information software in support of commercial and operational management of our clients.


We are the firstBrazilian company thatis100%focused onthe development ofgeographic applicationsto obtain certificationlevelMPS-BRG.This certificationindicates thatwe havethe process ofproject managementsoftware developmentandrequirements ofsoftware aremanaged.

We are the first company in the city of Sao Jose dos Campos to obtain this certification.


Contribute generously with sanitation companies and offering them to the GIS / GIS implementation for the registration of the commercial records integrated to networks, improving efficiency and reducing water losses.


Be recognized as a benchmark company, profitable, innovative and more generously shares knowledge with sanitation companies.


NEXUS keeps the respect for human beings.


NEXUS keeps ethics in their business.

Quality Policy

NEXUS seeks to identify and meet the needs of development, deployment and support of Geographic Information Systems for its clients, maintaining an environment that encourages employee commitment to the goals set by management and continuous improvement of processes.

Policy for Systems Implementation Projects

For any project should be set a project manager.
The project manager is defined by top management.
There are internal and external projects.
Internal Projects exempt contracts and business proposals
Information relating to the negotiations of the project are available only to employees of the commercial sector, in particular repository of the commercial area. All other information remains available in the repository specified in the Project Implementation Plan setting and have no restriction of access to technical staff.
For every project should have one requirements provider.
For external projects should be defined a supplier requirement from the client side.
The project manager is responsible for the appointment of the official supplier of the customer requirements.
Digital documents take precedence over printed documents.
Meetings shall be held to review the policies and processes. These meetings should be held every semester or at the discretion of the board.
The policy for projects to implement systems and the deployment process systems must be approved by the board.
The Project Implementation System must follow the process and stages set in the "Document Design Process Deployment Systems." The "Project Implementation Process Systems" is unique and its phases are executed in sequence, as Waterfall Methodology. The only stage that can be deleted from the project is the phase "Implementation of the System."

Quality Objectives

  • Meet the needs of customers NEXUS.
  • Manage and improve the internal processes of NEXUS.
  • Achieving the company's strategic objectives.

Our Competitive Advantage

Technological Innovation

We are the first company to use the platform open source software in their services. This pioneering spirit has enabled us to build a recognized brand, the GEOSAN, free software solutions for registration, route and water quality.

Quality of Our Services

We work to ensure customer satisfaction, focused on creating a process simple services, fast delivery and agile processes to assist our clients in any aspect of your experience in GIS.

Local Solutions

We tailor our solution to the trade model to local conditions of our customers. In most of our service categories, there are no major distributors, so we can maintain, create and adapt our products and services the needs of each client.

Low Operating Cost

Our business model allows us to significantly reduce our operating expenses, since we operate with the solutions developed by the NEXUS with GIS technology based on the INPE and FUNCATE.

Highly Innovative Management

Our management products and services combines relevant experience in technology, knowledge transfer, low cost, generating satisfactory results in growth and improved profitability and performance of technology clients.

A Company Organized Administratively

We are a company that owns and knows the administrative management of your business.